About Rossmoor Realty


This year Rossmoor Realty celebrates our first 50 years of dedicated service within the unique community of Rossmoor, Walnut Creek California.

Founded in 1967 by John H. Russell Sr., former sales manager for Rossmoor’s developer Ross Cortese, John managed all through the development phases and really knew everything important to know about Rossmoor.

He had the foresight to buy property and build our building in the prominent and convenient location we enjoy right on Tice Valley Boulevard in the path of nearly every buyer and seller who comes to look for a home in Rossmoor.

John H. Russell Jr., took over the company in 1982 after his father retired and continues to oversee the running of the company today. He is building Rossmoor Realty’s reputation through trust and surrounding himself with the best agents and staff dedicated to Rossmoor real estate.

We are convenient, comfortable and familiar as well as prominent and dominant in the market. We are continuing to sell more than three times as many homes in Rossmoor than our nearest competitor.

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